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 Satya's true life story was delivered with sincerity, passion, humor and emotion (words not usually associated with an accountant). He held the audience in the palm of his hand from the beginning to the end of his marvelous journey in much the same way a symphonic masterpiece builds and captures a spectrum of emotion and attitude from prelude to finale. His story and his delivery was an unforgettable feel good experience.
Paul Carpenter, H.D. Vest Advisor.

 Was voted the Best Motivational Speaker by the audience.
I was inspired by Satya's reminder that each of us has something to offer to the world around us. His positive message is packaged with laugh-out-loud humor and real life examples that I found entertaining and interesting.
LuAnn Colosimo, H.D. Vest Sr. Manager.

 Dear Dr. Mitra, We heard you speak at the Business Expo in Worcester and were very impressed with your presentation. Your talk was very inspiring. It was obvious that you are very successful yet you are humble and approachable. Your high standard and character are a tremendous model to all the citizens of this country.
Thank you again.
Terry & Ruth Kropf

 Having attended one of Dr.Mitra's motivational sessions, I was in awe of his non scripted oral presentation detailing his life experiences which I found to be interesting, inspiring and thought provoking. He certainly knows how to capture--and hold--ones attention. By the end of his presentation he has you leaving the session with the feeling that, with a goal in mind, "no mountain is too high to climb" .
George Frascolla

 You asked if I had any suggestion for a motivational speaker for a District Membership Event. Yes, I certainly do. We had Satya Mitra, President of the Worcester Club, as the keynote speaker for our recent District Membership Forum. His talk is incredible – and not only does he talk the talk, he walks the walk. His club has slowly drifted down to only 50 members from well over 200 members a few years ago. At his installation, he committed to bringing in 50 new members. And in fact, AT his installation, he brought in 10 new members; the most recent progress I've heard is that he is up to 34 proposed and installed new members! He will more than likely blow away his initial commitment. (He also understands the importance of "engagement" of all these new members so that they won't just drift away.)

He is a proficient motivational speaker and has honed the art over several years of doing this. He is not a "Rah-rah" speaker, he simply draws you in and won't let you go. He is a highly committed Rotarian and demonstrates this in his presentation.

By way of background, he migrated from India and speaks with a bit of an Indian accent, not difficult to understand. He came to the US and started what has become a very successful tax accounting business with clientele in the US and India.
Doug (Rotary Dist. Governor, Dist. 7910)

 Dr. Mitra,

On behalf of the Rotary Districts 6900, 6910 and 6920 District Governor Nominees, I wish to request your attendance to the 2016 Georgia Multi-District PETS as the luncheon Speaker on March 5th, 2016 at the Atlanta Airport Renaissance Motel.

We were so moved by your presentation on 3/21/15 at the same location, the three District Governor Nominees humbly request you address the Three Georgia Districts President Elects concerning Membership on the date identified above!

We eagerly await your reply concerning this request. Your experience and knowledge concerning membership will only inspire and move those who hear your presentation AS WE WERE SO INSPIRED TODAY,

Thank you for the opportunity to hear you today and to request your presence during our Multi-State PETS. We humbly await your reply!
Raymond T. Ray Jr. District 6900 DGN
Kim Waters, District 6910 DGN
Pam Lightsey, District 6920 DGN

 President Satya was warmly welcomed back from his trip to the RI Convention in Sydney, Australia, and he provided a brief account of his visit, and his pride in being a Rotarian and representing our Club.

Satya was given The Key to the City in recognition of his and the Worcester Rotary Club's support of the community, and our contribution to the rebuilding of the footbridge in Elm Park, named for Robert Kraft's deceased wife, Myra Hiatt Kraft. 
Rich Prager

 Tom & Satya,

You both were terrific last evening at the Sonoma County Area Rotary Club Dinner.

Thank you for your efforts and wisdom. The 100 in attendance took away a great message to share with their respective Rotary Clubs. 
Harry Coffey
2014-2015 President
Santa Rosa Sunrise Rotary Club

 Greetings Dr. Satya,

My name is Jeanette Scatliffe Boynes, President Elect of Rotary Club Sunrise of Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Dr. Satya, I am inviting you to be the guest speaker at my Installation Ceremony, on Sunday, June 29 at 6 p.m. at the Scrub Island Resort, British Virgin Islands. I was enthused and I am rejuvenated by your motivational presentation at the 7020 District Conference in Montego Bay. Your presentation have me motivated and excited about taking up the mantle. During my presidency I will be crafting Rotary Club Sunrise in to a vibrant, growing Rotary Club. You are the perfect person to help me to achieve my goals, also spending the weekend in the British Virgin Islands, nature's little secret, with its natural beauty will be a plus. Think about it Dr. Satya! I am looking forward to your favorable response. 
Jeanette Scatliffe-Boynes

 Hi Satya!

Thank you for the kind words. I was extremely pleased with your talk and I had a number of individuals talk to me on their way out how inspiring you were. Even the individual (Catherine Hoover-Smith) who won the 50/50 Cash raffle had indicated when she won that she wanted to "GIVE BACK" as she had just been reminded by you the importance of doing something so simple, but sometimes easily forgotten.I will send an email to my board asking for response and will get back to you with their response. As for me, I had indicated from just listening to your show on CD that you are extremely inspiring and you bring to other such a simple but vital message on how important it is to give back and recognize the importance of it.
Thanks and have a wonderful weekend! God Bless! 

 Board Member's response: Eleanor-Just wanted to comment on our breakfast program for the scholarship recipients. I thought the speaker did an excellent job and told him so as I was walking out. He obviously "walks the walk" as well as "talks the talk" and I thoroughly enjoyed his take on business and life. Congrats on obtaining a first rate speaker who overall did a very good job. 
Ann Klein Flynn
Emerson Realtors

  Tom & Satya,

You both were terrific last evening at the Sonoma County Area Rotary Club Dinner.

Thank you for your efforts and wisdom. The 100 in attendance took away a great message to share with their respective Rotary Clubs. 
Harry Coffey
2014-2015 President
Santa Rosa Sunrise Rotary Club

 I apologize for the amount of time it has taken me to get back to you. Here are some of the specific comments regarding the "2012 Tax Update" that were received regarding your presentation at the 2012 Fall NERC Fall Conference in Mystic Connecticut.

"The quality of the speakers was the best in 5 years, Dr. Mitra’s tax discussion was a particular high point."
"Tax update was great. Dr. Mitra was very interesting."
"Dr. Mitra was the best speaker, he clearly knows his topic."
Once again our special thanks for your time and efforts in making this presentation. Again many thanks for your wonderful tax presentation last September and I look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss the next conference. Best Wishes for a great weekend! 
Paul L. Foster
Coordinator of Financial Operations
Business Office - Dwight Hall Rm. 201

Comments from attendees of 2013 NERC IMA Fall Conference.

 Dr. Mitra’s story of success through determination was a motivator beyond my expectations. 
 Dr. Mitra’s story was quite moving. Great Speaker! 
 Best speaker at this year’s conference! 
 Great job two years in a row. Please consider Dr. Mitra for future sessions. 
 The American Dream still lives and Dr. Mitra is proof. 
Paul L. Foster
Coordinator of Financial Operations
Business Office - Dwight Hall Rm. 201

Comments After a Keynote at a Rotary Zone Institute Conference, Denmark

 Good show. Serious and fun at the same time. Good shopping list (Top 25 Membership Growth Ideas) 
PDG N. O. Jensen
 Satya Mitra gives a great performance of membership – telling us to remember the worth of our club, be aware of ALL potential members in the neighborhood to add more helping hands. He is funny but at the same time serious about the subject. He starts the process of What have I done for my Club? – and answers by I got a new member. Absolutely a speech to be recommended. 
PDG Anette Lowert
 Perfect performance, funny story and a very good job recruiting all these new members. Fantastic to see what pro-active engagement – and a little pressure – can do. 
DG Leif Kenrad
 The presentation was different and inspiring, our district will use several of the presented growth ideas. 
DG Werner Kahle
 This was the funniest presentation and pepptalk I have ever heard. He uses the technics of the stand-up comedian and got his message through in a very funny way! 
RRFC Ingrid Berget
 Fantastic and inspirational presentation! If every Rotarian had Satya Mitra’s commitment, enthusiasm and drive we would be at least twice as many Rotarians world wide. 
President Anders Lemmergaard